All services are based on a Solution-Focused Approach utilizing Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques to help increase awareness of thoughts and actions.  Dr. Meyers mainly sees adults and seniors.

-Mental Health Informational Phone Session (15) minutes 

-Art Therapy

-Stress Management

-Anger Management

-Self-Awareness/Mindfulness Training

-Learning to Cope with Depression

-Learning how to Control Anxiety/Fears

-Resolving Trauma Issues

Resolving Sleep Issues

-Learning How to Adjust to Transitional Issues (Career/Age/The Unknown)

-Performance Anxiety (Sports, Sexual, Professional, School)

-Learning how to Adapt and Accept Changes in your Life (Health/Relationships/Financial)

-Understanding Sexual  Identity

-Mediation/Resolution of Differences (Personal and Business)

-Learning How to Reinvent Yourself/Career Counseling

-Building Communication Skills for Success

-Learning How Health Issues (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Cancer, Headaches (Tension/Migraines), Stroke, Heart Disease, IBS) are Effected by Stress and Poor Habits (Lack of Sleep, Poor Nutritional Intake, and Lack of Exercise)

-Emotionalinbox is not a Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment Facility