Dr. Meyers is a Licensed Clinical/Health Psychologist who specializes in helping people realize their goals through self-awareness of behaviors, actions/responses, perceptions and thought processes. He realizes that change is a concept that most individuals avoid due to a fear of the unknown. The process of therapy is a journey of self-discovery, focusing on who you are, why you react differently to certain individuals, situations, and environments that you encounter, and why recurrent fears keep resurfacing. This journey awakens one’s natural curiousity to the world around them. It is a process that allows individuals and couples to confront and resolve the issues that they keep stumbling upon. Understanding Ones’ Self, Needs, Fears, Expectations, and Perceptions is vital to personal growth and success. These five realms once mastered and understood lead to self-awareness, acceptance and then choice can be realized.The first step to realizing your potential is being brave enough to open doors that are closed by either fear or the inability to be honest with yourself. These doorways hold the answers to many of your questions and thus can free you from being immobile and fearful. The purpose of the therapy is to allow curious minds the ability to explore not only the importance of living a balanced physical and emotional lifestyle, but to expose the curious to the wealth of knowledge that can lead them to create healthy change in their lives.Dr. Meyers has a Doctoral Degree in Clinical/Health Psychology (PsyD), with 20+ years of experience in the professional caring industry. These experiences include being Director of Family Services for the Epilepsy Foundation working with children experiencing first on-set seizures, their families, and the community around them to accept and embrace this silent affliction.  During his Doctoral training, Dr. Meyers was involved in working for the military within their Health Psychology Program where he was able to benefit from learning and understanding the importance of the Mind/Body Connection and how it is vital in the battle against the silent killer, STRESS. Dr. Meyers was also fortunate to be a part of designing and implementing policy and protocol for a Neuropsychological Assessment and Rehabilitation Center, The Craine Institute, which cared for individuals with traumatic brain injuries due to accidents or neurological trauma (strokes, aneurysms, ect…)

After finishing his Doctoral Program, Dr. Meyers was given the opportunity to work with At-Risk Youth in North Carolina as Director of Clinical Services and was involved in the development and implementations of mental health clinics throughout the state.  These experiences have given Dr. Meyers a diverse background as a Clinical/Health Psychologist in both the private and public sectors. Currently, Dr. Meyers has a private practice where he is involved in helping individuals, Couples, and Families be more aware of their approach to life, helping them become comfortable and resolving their fears, thus allowing them to be positive in their outlook for the future.

Emotionalinbox is also a worldwide portal for individuals seeking mental health services through the convenience of confidential video conferencing technology. This concept was originally developed with the intent of providing services to individuals that could not receive traditional face-to-face mental health services due to a multitude of obstacles, (i.e., disabilities, inability to drive or lack of access to a vehicle, individuals that are hospital/bed-bound, individuals living in rural areas, and for individuals needing crisis or emergency assistance). Emotionalinbox was an overwhelming success which then led to traditional clients also wanting access to Emotionalinbox’s new convenient options.