Online Therapy


Online Therapy, a concept that is not a new development as the military started utilizing online therapy back in the 1980’s when mental health professionals were servicing Navy personnel patrolling in the Pacific ocean.  It is only recently that the idea is starting to become a reality with the advent of websites that offer live real-time connections to online therapists.  I was fortunate enough to be one of the lucky few that participated in the TelePsychology program while doing an Internship rotation for my Doctoral Degree.  It was an experience that I never forgot and have never understood why it did not become a reality in the civilian world.  The idea of making therapy convenient for all to benefit from would definitely help stabilize many individuals mental health and the world around them.  What is getting in the way of progress is the notion that the internet is not confidential or safe.  This along with the different licensure requirements for each state, and the insurance industry fear that making mental health more convenient would be a financial burden (though the verdict is out, stress management reduces the chance of health issues becoming significant).  Also, there is no substantial evidence that online therapy is effective due to the lack of studies examining online therapy’s efficacy (though this is changing, see Article Online Stress Management Programs found to be Effective“).  Due to these restrictions it is difficult to make therapy available to the public.  Imagine, people that do not drive, are disabled, are hospitalized, individuals in rural areas being able to access help when needed.  There is at this time no rules or regulations to manage therapy service on the internet.  The International Society for Mental Health Online (ISMHO) is working towards the implementation of services and development of rules and regulations so that all can obtain what they need.Online/Phone Therapy has its limitation, it is not for everyone or every situation.  If you are interested in this new approach please contact Dr. Meyers (239) 213-0051 and he would be happy to give you more insight into telepsychology.  Please visit this link for an introduction into “The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Therapy”.Dr. Meyers utilizes a third-party vendor call for his Telepsychology Program, this is to ensure that online sessions are confidential and HIPAA Compliant for your safety.


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