Getting Started



1. The first step to getting started is to contact Dr. Meyers by phone to discuss your situation and ascertain which service would best suit your needs (in-person, online, or phone sessions).  At this time you will also be making an appointment time that best fits your schedule.

2.  If you have chosen to see Dr. Meyers in-person you must fill out required paperwork which can be found here “Forms“. After completing the paperwork you can either fax or mail them to Dr. Meyers (239-352-0737) prior to your appointment. Getting this done prior to your appointment will give you more face to face time to be able to evaluate and set goals. Your first session is a two-hour appointment, this is to ensure that everything is finished and you can start accomplishing your set goals.

3.  If you will be utilizing the online or phone options for therapy, Dr. Meyers will be asking you to pay for services prior to your session because insurance does not cover online or phone therapy.  This can be accomplished by clicking the “PayPal” link.  After clicking the link you will be taken to a secure website that will give you the payment options of either paying with a PayPal account or paying with a Credit Card.  If you have questions about Online/Phone Therapy and its limitation and appropriate uses please visit the “Telepsychology” link.

4. If you will be using the online therapy option you must first go to and choose the download for the device you intend to utilize.

5. After you have installed the Fuzebox software go to the “Start Your Session” tab where you will be prompted to enter a session number to start your online session with Dr. Meyers, you will obtain this number by one of the following options (phone/email/text).  Remember your session cannot start until payment is received.