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Mark Meyers, PsyD

Licensed Clinical / Health Psychologist

Naples, Florida

Phone: 239-790-4209 (Texting Not Available) Fax: 239-352-0737

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Communication by Email or Text – We would like to minimize this type of communication. However, if you choose to communicate by email or text, with the expectation of a reply, you are accepting the fact that our emails and texts are not encrypted, and so there is some danger of a breach of your confidentiality. 


If you have any questions in regards to therapy, rates, insurance, availability, scheduling procedures, or technical support please contact Dr. Meyers by phone. This is to ensure that your personal information remains confidential and secure.  If you wish to schedule a traditional in-office appointment or online therapy session please contact Dr. Meyers by phone (239) 790-4209, to discuss which option best suits your needs.